The Antifogmatic League

Antifogmatic: a nineteenth century term for an alcoholic drink.  Source: Vintage Vocabulary.

Straus Family Creamery Egg Nog & Bourbon

After enjoying good friends and good cocktails at our Christmas party this weekend I was inspired to start a little something I’m calling The Antifogmatic League. What is it? Well, basically an excuse for some like-minded friends to get together and go out for a finely crafted cocktail!  Sounds much more official if we have a society, huh? “Hey honey, I have a meeting with The Antifogmatic League tonight. Can you get home from work to watch the kid?” Also, ever since I attended Jeff Hollinger & Neyah White’s “House-made Ingredients” cocktail class at Absinthe during San Francisco Cocktail Week, I’ve been hooked on learning more about this fascinating and delicious subject.  Why the blog? Well, instead of boring people on Facebook with pictures of fancy cocktails I can bore people here, and at least they’ll know what they’re getting into.  So here you have it folks, The Antifogmatic League: Classic Cocktail & Tiki Drink Appreciation Society!  Merry Christmas!