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Antifogmatic: a drink of liquor taken to counteract the effect of fog or dampness. Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged. Ind Una ed. Springfield: Merriam-Webster, 2002.

Antifogmatics were popular in the nineteenth century. They were drinks taken “for medicinal purposes,” on the pretext that they protected against the unhealthy effects of fog or other bad weather. Although the term antifogmatic was meant as a joke, people of the time did tend to feel that guzzling plain unadulterated water was bad for your health. Source: Vintage Vocabulary.

This blog follows my adventures in learning all about cocktails, particularly classic cocktails, pre-prohibition beverages, and old-school Tiki drinks.  I’m not a bartender or in the beverage industry.  I’m not a writer or a fancy picture taker (most of the pics are taken with my iPhone).  I’m a tinkerer and cocktail fan and this blog is just about sharing the fun and knowledge I’m picking up along the way.  I’m lucky enough to live in San Francisco where there are some really good places to get an excellent drink.  In addition to the blog, The Antifogmatic League is also an informal group of friends getting together for field trips to learn more about this fascinating and delicious subject, and of course, to have a good ol’ time at some fine drinking establishments.

Photo note: If no credit is given the photo is my own. Most other photos are from Flickr and used with permission under a Creative Commons license.

Published on December 20, 2009 at 8:02 pm  Comments (3)  

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  1. Nice work on the Jersey Rabbit at today’s punch-off at Omnivore — I voted for you. Will you post the recipe?

    • Thanks! I just posted the recipe for the Jersey Rabbit Punch. Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Nice meeting you at the Omnivore Punch-off – loved yours!

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